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Many questions arise when you are going through a divorce. How long will the divorce take? Do I have to go to court and stand before a judge? What will happen to my kids? How do we divide our property and debts?

Contact a skilled divorce lawyer at the law office of Kayann Hayden West, Attorney at Law, P.C., for help with your legal needs in divorce, separation and annulment. We can answer your questions and help you protect your family and your future through our attentive, experienced representation.

Skill And Care Make A Difference

We will guide you through the complicated processes in both uncontested and contested divorce, child custody, child support, property division, division of debts and spousal support or alimony.

We will help you find cost-effective, long-lasting solutions to your separation that will prepare you for potential changes down the road, such as employment changes that affect child support and spousal support, and blended marriages that change income levels and visitation.

When you and your spouse can come to an agreement regarding pertinent issues surrounding your divorce without involving the courts, you can potentially go through an uncontested divorce. Although every divorce comes with disagreements, this type of proceeding can provide a less expensive, more expedited legal process.

If you and your spouse cannot come to mutual agreements, a contested divorce may be your only option. This will enlist the court to help divide assets and enforce financial support for children and spouses.

No matter the level of an agreement between you and your spouse, consulting with an experienced attorney at our firm can help you make thorough decisions that are enforceable for years to come. Our experience in dealing with opposing sides and facilitating productive conversations helps us use creative strategies to find amicable solutions. We will take steps to help you understand the law, and how to use the law to protect your and your family’s best interests.

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Contact Kayann Hayden West, Attorney at Law, P.C., by email or call 706-431-5527 to reach our Ellijay, Georgia, office and schedule an initial consultation. We operate during standard business hours. Do not hesitate to contact our firm. We welcome your call.

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